Back School for Back Pain

Back pain is a major issue for Australians. Up to 80% of Australians will suffer significant back pain, and 10% will suffer significant liability as a result (1). This is why we are focused on the structure of the spine, as it can be a primary cause of spinal pain, but we also take a whole body approach to give you the best results possible in the shortest time possible. Which is why back school is starting.

Recent research has shown some great results from a spinal eduction/school program, where people are tough basic spinal health and hygiene and relaxation techniques, they tend to improve general health, pain, amount of medication use and general feelings of wellbeing faster and longer than other interventions (like specific spinal corrections) alone (2,3).

So we are starting a back school program, both for patients and for the general public, to help them make the most of their spine and health.

Back school will be a 4 week spine and back pain education program to help you have the tools to feel at your best. It will include movement pattern training, mobility, spine and core strength, as well as lifting techniques, spinal bracing and relaxation techniques that can help with pain. These will be taught in a hands on manner, so that you can go home that night and start using them right away (as well as a weekly hand out covering all the topics).

This is available to ANYONE that wants to learn how to help themselves be healthy, pain free and functioning at their best.

This first back school will start Wednesday June 1st, and will run for four weeks, from 6 to 6.45. All are welcome, and more details can be found by messaging or emailing us. We would love to see you all there, but spaces are limited so you can get a deep learning experience of the movements, so please get in touch with us soon.