Beds and Back Pain

As a NeuroStructural Corrective chiropractor, we get many people who not only want to improve the secondary conditions of back pain, but to also remove the stressors that may cause it in the first place. One place to look for many is their bed.

Now from the outset, this won’t be a story telling you which beds are best for back pain, because quite simply there is no one list. Everybody is different, but I will let you know a few tips when you are looking.

A bed won’t fix your back

By and large (although there are some rare exceptions), back pain is a SECONDARY condition. In other words, something is happening to cause back pain. What we focus on in our practice is structural shifts of the spine, that can cause secondary conditions. Sometimes better bedding may help with the symptoms for varying amounts of time, but will very rarely “fix the problem”.

In much the same way that taking a pain killer won’t fix the problem, but may help the symptoms, so a new bed may do the same. Its worth considering this before you spend thousands on a bed.

But a bed is important

I know that sounds contradictory, but while a bed probably won’t fix your back, it is an important part of keeping your spine happy.

I mean when you think about it, it has to. you spend (hopefully) about 8 hours a day there, and if you are not supported, it can be part of the mix that can cause stress and maybe some damage to your back. It is not as compromised a position as say sitting at a desk, but it can still be a big stress.

Firm, but not too firm

So when looking for a new bed, you certainly want it to support you, so firm is a good thing. It supports your spine, hips, arms and legs better.


Too firm (for most people) will mean you don’t get to sleep as well. Sleep is vital, it is the time that we repair and heal. So if the bed is too firm, and you don’t get a good deep sleep, then you will not be getting all the benefits of sleep that you need. So get the firmest bed you can comfortably sleep on.

The bottom line

So what should I spend? Well thats totally up to you, but you don’t need to break the bank in most cases. Most medium priced beds are good quality, and should last you for a decade or more, they just lack some of the “bells and whistles” of the more expensive ones.

Now if you are most comfortable with a very expensive bed, then you probably want to pay the price, as comfort is so important. but most of us will not notice much difference between a very expensive or lower cost bed.

However, the very cheap beds are probably something you want to avoid. They will often have much lower levels of support, and will often last half as long (or less), so can be a false economy.

Fix the problem

While a bed might help you feel better, if you have a primary structural shift, it is wise to look at fixing that problem. That can help you not only feel better now, but feel and function much better into the future.

So if you are suffering from back pain, its time to get a spinal analysis, and not just hope beds might fix everything.