Your body aims to be healthy


This is me, my dad and my sister. We were out for a dive to celebrate my Dads 50th year of diving, and his 70th birthday. Not a bad achievement (and both Kristy and I were celebrating 30 years or more diving).

One thing struck me as we went out for that dive. I guess it shouldn’t have been a big surprise to me, as it is something I have read a lot about over the past few years, but being there with my Dad really made it hit home.

We are meant to be healthy. Our body is designed (by and large) to express health, as long as we give it the requirements (raw materials) to be healthy. Not that any of us three are perfect examples of that, but we are all working for it, striving for it, and all getting better.

One thing that really struck me was how happy it made me to be with Dad in that way. To share his goal, and to be part of something special and bigger than myself. I believe that happiness, and goal attainment are PART of a healthy lifestyle (along with good food, good movement and a good nerve supply).

In fact, in many cases, a healthy body is a choice, or a series of choices, to make a lifestyle that will supply the requirements of a healthy life. It is one of the reasons I love what i do, and I love the chance to not only help people improve their nerve supply, but also the chance to help teach people more about good movement, good food and good mental habits.

So keep your eyes peeled for more workshops and classes on how to make the most of your health, and how to help your body do the things it wants to do.