Can you fix me?

Silhouette of a man in a business suit giving a shrug with a question mark

Silhouette of a man in a business suit giving a shrug with a question mark

One of the things I get asked a lot (both in real life and online) is “Can you fix me?” I have (back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc) and I wondered if you can fix it?”

Well, I am going to be honest here, and say I really don’t know. I know you want an answer, but the reality is without doing a complete NeuroStructural exam, I have no idea what might be causing your particular symptoms.

Let me explain

We practice a particular style of chiropractic called NeuroStructural care. Our aim is a little different in that we aim to find the primary condition that may be causing your secondary conditions (such as back pain, neck pain, headaches and others). We specifically search for structural shifts of the spine that can cause structural and neurological damage, and can be the primary cause in many people. We then use techniques and tools to correct the shift, so not only can we help secondary conditions for now, but more permanently.

In order to know if a structural shift is causing your particular concern then you need to do a full NeuroStructural exam. There is no other way to be sure. Anything else is guessing, and we do not want to guess with your health.

You see, while certain pain/symptoms are often helped by chiropractic care, most symptoms can be caused by numerous causes. If you don’t have a structural shift quite simply, I wont be able to help. Of course, if you do have a structural shift, we are going to be able to help, thats what we do, its our focus in practice. We believe that a shift in the structure is vital to correct, for a healthy spine and nerve system, and therefore life.

So how do you know if I can help? Come in and have a chat. An initial consultation is FREE and from there you can decide if you want to have a NeuroStructural exam and know for sure if structural shifts may be causing your secondary symptoms. It is that easy to see if you can be helped.