Understanding Chiropractic Care - Albury Chiropractor

Something has happened. You have bent funny, moved a certain way, or just woken up, and all of a sudden you feel sore. It might be back pains, it might be headaches, it might be arm or leg pain. No matter what the secondary condition is, you are feeling uncomfortable, painful and confused.

Why did this happen?

How long will it last?

What can I do to feel and function at my best as soon as possible?

It can seem difficult and confusing to know what to do, where to go, who is the best person to talk to. It almost feels like you can be throwing money away to even see what is the best option for you.

That is one of the reasons we do things differently at our practice. You see, most practitioners who deal in back pain (for example most chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists etc) would be what we often call traditional therapists. Their focus is on how to increase the range of motion, reduce the swelling and reduce the pain, and they do an incredible job of it. But our focus is a little different.

You see, we focus on NeuroStructural Corrective Chiropractic. We know that at times your spine can structurally shift, which puts pressure on the structure of the spine, as well as the nerve system/spinal cord that it encases. This can lead to many secondary conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, arm and leg pain, lowered energy and colic to name a few.

So, if this primary problem of a structural shift is the cause of your symptoms, then a traditional approach may not be the best solution in the medium to long term. That type of care may certainly help the pain, but if the primary problem is still there, that solution may be short term at best. What will be needed is a comprehensive approach to dealing with the primary structural shift.

So how do you know whats best in your particular case?

Well it requires spinal analysis to be sure you know if you have a spinal shift as a primary condition. With out it, back pain from different sources may all seem the same.

And many times, we just want to learn some more, find out some more, and see if we think a certain type of care is a “fit” for us. Thats why we offer a FREE consultation to any new patients. Now this isn’t a trick, or a commitment, it is just a conversation where you can find out more about what we do and how we do it. If you decide to go ahead with a spinal exam, every step of the process will be explained to you in detail, so you don’t have any surprises.

So if you, or a family member, is confused about their spinal health, send them in for a free consult, and we can talk to them about their best options for their specific condition.