I Feel Fine (why even little niggles might be worth thinking about).

So we hear it all the time. I feel fine, well except for a few niggles, but I can cope with them. If I just don’t do (insert a number of things that we should be able to do), then I feel ok. But maybe those little niggles are worth taking notice of. As a local Albury Chiropractor, I regularly see these small niggles become more of an issue if ignored.


You see, as a NeuroStructural chiropractor, we differ a little from more traditional practitioners in that we not only aim to help the symptoms, but to look at the primary underlying cause. Many cases of back pain, be they severe or mild, can be traced back to a shift in the spinal structure. That is what we focus on finding and correcting.


So even a small niggle can be one of the warning signs of a structural shift, and ignoring them could cause that shift to gradually get worse, and cause more issues for your spine and health. That is why we like to do a chiropractic exam even if the symptoms are not very severe, as a way of preventing issues down the track. In fact at chiropractic wellbeing, we do a free consultation with the chiropractor, so that you can discuss your options (and remember with us, a consultation is a chat, not a commitment). If you choose to go ahead to a spinal assessment, we can examine and measure if indeed spinal shifts are the cause of your symptoms. At the very least, this allows you a better understanding of what is going on in your spine, and how to best manage it.


So if you are having some niggles and aches, it is worth considering if they are a warning sign of more serious problems.