Lagging Indicators

We often put our lives, and our bodies, under a lot of pressure and stress.

Our society seems to expect it from us.

Sitting too much, eating poorly, rushing from deadline to deadline, sleeping poorly and not enough.

And then out of the blue, comes one of the secondary indicators we most dread. Back pain, headaches, neck pain, lowered energy, or a sudden cold.

"Why now, why me?" we hear in our practice so often. These secondary conditions often come at the worst possible time, when we are deepest into our home or work projects. We often talk to people about what may have triggered these secondary conditions, like a NeuroStructural shift, and how that level of stress and pressure can be a powerful trigger for the primary shift.

"But it's been like this for ages", which for many in our society is true. We often live a lifestyle that is not constructive for our body and health. That can go on for some time for all of us. "So why didn't it hurt before?", and that is a very important question.

You see, as a chiropractor, focusing on NeuroStructural Correction in the Albury/Wodonga region, we know that people tend to come and see us when they notice a secondary condition, like neck pain, headaches, back pain, leg pain, colic or many others. The traditional approach to this is to relieve some of the muscle tightness, reduce the acute inflammation, and increases the ranges of motion, all of which is very important, and will help relieve some of the secondary condition. What we do is a little different. We look at the primary condition that caused the secondary condition in the first place, and look towards correcting the underlying issues.

Think of it like finding cracks in the walls of your house. You can easily patch those cracks, and get great results, it will look fine, and as long as you sand it back and repaint, it will look like nothing was ever wrong. BUT if those cracks were originally caused by the foundations of the house being "off", then ignoring this primary condition will lead to the secondary problems (the wall cracks) re-appearing over and over again.

Now, do you think that those wall cracks show up as soon as the foundations of the house sag a little?

No, of course not. They are what is called a LAGGING INDICATOR.

What that means is that while it is an indicator of a problem, it tends to show up later in the condition, rather than earlier. There are many examples of this, for example if your wheel alignment is "off", the tyres will eventually wear, but the tyre wear will lag the primary problem.

NeuroStructural problems of the spine are very much the same. While secondary conditions such as back pain and osteoarthritis can be indicators of the structural shift, they tend to lag behind the actual problem, sometimes by a long way. In other words, even though you may just "feel" something, the primary problem may have been there for some time. That's why it often hurts long after the lifestyle starts.

That is why we use a variety of objective indicators of the NeuroStructural shift to assess your spine, and to see if chiropractic care in our practice is the correct fit for you, rather than just rely on how you "feel", as that may miss some important health information for you and your family.