Sleep glorious sleep

We know the feeling, of drifting off to a deep, relaxing sleep, and waking feeling refreshed. There is more and more research showing how vital sleep is to normal health and brain function. So why is it so few of us feel like that all the time? And why does a chiropractor care?

As you probably know, we at chiropractic wellbeing focus on NeuroStructural chiropractic care, which is focused on finding the primary cause of many secondary problems (such as back pain, neck pain, headaches etc), and improving the function of the spine and nerve system.

Sleep problems fit in here in two ways. Firstly, sleep is a stress on the body that can trigger structural shifts in the body, and make correction work more difficult. If for that alone, it would be worth discussing sleep. The other thing is that chiropractic is reported to help people sleep better by improving feedback to the brain and promoting relaxation. This at this stage is only conjecture, but one that many patients report to chiropractors.

So what can you do to help promote good sleep, well other than getting your NeuroStructural adjustments?

Well many of you know some of these answers already. Avoid caffeine in the afternoons. Limit screen time (especially computers/tablets) for at least an hour before bed. Eat a low processed food diet.

But the one thing that i have found with myself and many patients is that a FOCUS on better sleep habits eventually leads to better sleep habits. The mere fact of focusing on sleep as a priority will often cause us to make better choices. Be it going to bed earlier, in a darker room, relaxation techniques or other choices will tend to happen just by focusing on sleep being important.

So my challenge to you is to think about your sleep as an important part of your health and productivity, just like your food, exercise and spinal structure are. Your body, your health and your life will thank you for it.