Spinal Movement Matters

The health of your spine is important. As most of you know, our Albury practice focuses not only on the structure of your spine, but on the health and wellbeing of your nerve system, and the whole body. While we know that chiropractic structural care can be a part of that, there is one other aspect that can never be ignored.



The mobility of your spine (and whole body) can make a huge difference to the way you feel and function. A little bit of stretching and mobility work can go a long way towards you preforming at your best.


So why don’t we all do it?


I honestly believe that for many of us, it is a combination of not knowing what to you, and not being in the habit of doing it. For those that do not know what to do, why not join one of our FREE monthly spinal rehabilitation classes, that are run on the last Tuesday of every month? You can learn some AMAZING tools to help you help yourself (for more information keep up to date on https://www.facebook.com/Chiropractic-Wellbeing-181603675129/).


So now it comes to habits.

This is the tough one for so many of us. How do we get in a habit of doing some movement and mobility for the spine and body?


It is worth noting, that for many of us, these exercises are not actually HARD, they are just hard to fit in. In fact, thats not even true, because they often only take as long as an ad break on the TV, it is just hard to make them a conscious habit. So how do we make these part of our day to day habits?


Well everyone is very different, but here is a few tips that i have helped some patients use to great effect. Firstly, try putting a sticky note on the fridge with “do your exercises”, then at least you will see it a few times a day. I have also had some patients laminate a sign saying “do your stretches” and stick it on the wall in the shower. Lastly, why not set up a reminder on your phone calendar for a time you are likely able to do some mobility? At least with one (or a few) of these tools you can’t say you forgot!



I of course have to mention that chiropractic can be a huge help as well. Keeping your spine mobile, for some, will also mean getting the structure of the spine working at its best, to help keep you moving and feeling great. If you would like to know if chiropractic care may help you, don’t forget to contact us for a chat.